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Built on centuries of tradition and a rich cultural heritage, the independent Republic of Georgia in Europe is rapidly emerging as an
ultra-modern country with unlimited opportunities. To South Africans, this undiscovered gem presents more than just another exciting and affordable holiday destination. Read More.

Though only 70 000 km² in size (roughly that of the Free State province or Switzerland), Georgia is a country of astounding diversity possessed of everything from subtropical beaches and thickly powdered ski slopes to dense forests and desert expanses. Wedged snugly in between Europe and Asia on the ancient Silk Road, it is an 8 000 year old cultural melting pot. Now, poised to be integrated into the European Union, it also stands as a towering example of progress and prosperity.

To South Africans, it is now much more than just a fine new tourist destination.

Through Global Georgia, the Georgian government has made an exclusive offer to SA citizens: a bank-guaranteed offshore investment opportunity with the option of permanent residency or even full citizenship, depending on the size of your investment. Even if acquiring a second address in a foreign country is not your priority, it is one of the safest and most enriching investment opportunities available to South Africans wishing to secure an offshore future – be it entrepreneurs, investors or families.

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